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Who Are Behind ClickTug?

A half-length image of Alston Antony & Delon Anthony with background

Hi, Welcome to our blog! And it's run by the Anthony brothers! The guy with the blue shirt (Looks innocent πŸ˜‡) is Anthony Delon, and The guy with the green shirt (Looks with devilish 😈) is Antony Alston.

We blog from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Tiruchirappalli, India.

We also the founders of Maxinium, which owns the ClickTug blog.

We decide where to work when to work and what to work. And we hate 9 to 6 jobs πŸ•’, formal wear 🀡 and most importantly working for someone else's dream.

We created to ClickTug even though we know that there are so many other good Internet Marketing & blogging blogs, but we wanted to share our knowledge, which we know it works and make sure that you don't fall into the traps we fell.

We will do our best for you, and that's a promise 🀞

In case if you like to read the full story on who we are, our education, life journey, etc. which we spend one week preparing it😭 then go to the about page.

Join our FB group with over 1600+ members 😎

Our group is full of people in the same industry, with varying levels of experience. We help each other without any bullying, abuse, or spam. You can be part of us too!


SEO, internet marketing and blogging glossary for beginners


Learn how to create blog, manage it and earn money from it.


Learn how to create website, manage and make money from it.


How to use WordPress CMS to create and manage your blog or website.


SaaS, software and resources reviews and walk through.


Compare SaaS, software and resources to identify it’s strengths & weaknesses.

Digital Deals

Digital deals for SaaS and softwares at massive discounts.

Digital Marketing

All online marketing methods such as SEO, email, social and more.


Learn how to sell service and products in the Internet.

Graphic Designing

Learn how to create marketing, social media & other designs.

Make Money Online

Learn all the ways to earn money from Internet.


Digital industry & our community news and updates.


Motivation techniques or productivity tools or growth hacking

Our Toolkit

What SaaS, software and resources we personally use for digital marketing.