5 Tips To Make Your Website Say “Open For Business”

Do people occasional stumble upon your website and leave as quickly as soon as they see the front page?

Does your current website generate enough leads to justify its existence?

Perhaps your website resembles an old ghost town!

You can easily compare your website to the business district in your local area.

The stores that are thriving typically look lively and “open” as opposed to the ones that require you to enter through a rear door and know the secret password and handshake.

Keep your “latest news” or “blog” section up-to-date

This is a huge pet-peeve of mine, visiting a website with areas called “latest news” “blog,” and the most recent content is from 2010.

Unfortunately, for many small businesses, this is the rule as opposed to the exception.

You must keep your news and blog feeds fresh and relevant.

If you attend a seminar, make sure to write about it.

All you need is a quick paragraph concerning new product offerings, someone you met, new techniques.

This also keeps the search engine spiders from Google, Yahoo! and Bing coming back to your site to index content.

Generate fresh, relevant content

We can never hammer this point home enough. If you have a business dedicated to manufacturing golf clubs, nobody honestly cares about your love of baking bread.

Unless you are a great storyteller and have amazing ways of tying two distinctly different passions together, keep your writings related to the business.

Don’t forget about your new location!

If your business has expanded, opened new locations, or moved a block, you need to mention this on your website as soon as possible.

Treat it as a reason to celebrate, no matter the circumstance.

In contrast, nothing sours a potential customer more than driving to a specific location and finding an empty storefront or utterly different business.

If you have shut down an old location, make sure to mention on your site for your “valued customers” to visit your other location(s).

Don’t forget to thank these people for their years of customer loyalty and support.

Make sure your website copyright date is up to date

This is a simple enough task to correct, but many websites are still anchored with the year they were developed in the footer area of the website.

Additional tip: If your website was built before 2015, you are losing customers to the competition!

Make sure to do some spring cleaning on your website

Nothing screams poor customer service worse on a website than areas that have been abandoned or products listed that you no longer carry.

This is a case of less is more; you can either update the pages with new information on add 301 redirects to these web pages to direct customers elsewhere, displaying alternative goods or services offered.

Utilizing these 5 easy tips will let visitors know that you are still open for business and haven’t closed up shop.

If your business needs help putting a “fresh coat of paint” on your website, please contact Maxinium, for your digital marketing needs today.

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