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    Hello, Tuggers. It is Alston from Click Tug.

    Today we are going to do a video review on one of the latest AppSumo deal, which is called InVideo.

    It is a video editing platform to create video slideshow using images and videos.

    So far we are using another solution for our company and also for our projects, but since from the launch. It has got up to 54 reviews, so we thought why not try it out and see whether this platform delivers what it promises.

    Okay, so without further ado, let’s check into this.

    First, about the offer, we are getting a $49 plan, and we actually getting the professional plan of this app for one Appsumo code and based on the code we stack we will be getting different limitation & duration of the video too.

    Okay, let’s log in to the system to check out the tool looks like.

    Okay, this is the introduction page, which you will see once you’re logged into the video system.

    There are two primary types of videos you can create one is called quick video, and another one is a storyteller.

    To be honest, the storyteller is usually good for when you want to create longer videos, and quick videos are like for Instagram ads or any promotional video ads which you need to do it very quickly.

    Also, it has all the images, transitions, text, and everything fully ready, so it’s straightforward to create quick videos through this.

    Today I’ll show you an example on both of these things, so you can have a look and in-turn and see whether this tool is perfect for you or not.

    Okay, let’s, for example, first let me show you some sample videos on this category, and if we play, you can see what type of videos we will able to create.

    You can select the video ad or video you want to create, here let me click on the Instagram video and let me click on “PICK” okay, this is the main editing area where you can check the preferred templates.

    So far they have over 100+ templates on InVideo, but they are claiming they will be adding more and more every month.

    Okay, this is the video formats section. You can pick on the size of the video you want for Instagram based or based on your videos, or you can select all to see all the images.

    Then you select the template which you allow, for example, this one looks good then let me select it and you’ll you can see their video format again, and it will show you a quick preview also and once you’ve decided on whether this is the design you want to, then click on the start with this template.

    And also another great feature is when it’s loading or progressing they give a quick small tip so we can improve ourselves to create amazing videos. Okay, let’s wait on this.

    Okay, this is the video, which we selected. You can all edit main sections are these are the section which you can add to major edit on your video.

    Here you can upload your photos, or you can search online library and also another cool thing is, they just introduced their free stock videos from Pixabay and Pexels, and you can search those stock videos from here to add to your project.

    I’ll show those when I do the other longer type video for here let me for the purpose. Let’s do it quickly.

    You can see different slides are here. You can check on difference slides what you want; you can replace the image, you can search the image and bring it here.

    For example, if you want to change the type you can change it here, let me select this type to see how it works, and you can take change the primary font and if you have any custom font request.

    You can ask the support team. They will help you out, but they have a big collection, and you can change the color, animation, text animation, and everything.

    Another quick tip. I like about this tool is there is a small button called “Grids,” and if you click on it, it will give you nice guidelines on where to place the elements to make sure that it has been aligned correctly on the video section and everything.

    Also, you can edit any changes here, and this is another quick function currently applied to default transition when it moves to scene from a scene for example if you want a different transition you click on this and it has so many different other variations too.

    Which you can use for it and it also nice to see the transition in a preview, so you don’t need to click apply and see the effects you can get just hover over it, and you can see the effect.

    Okay, once you are finished with these things, and if you just want to preview the scene. You can click on the preview button to see the preview of the scene.

    This is how the scene will look like it and will give you a short preview and once you have edited out these images and everything. Once you are ready to go, you can just click on preview and export.

    This will generate low-resolution preview for you guys to see actually before exporting the videos as you can see the text, images, animation, we can add stock video into this, and also total duration will be shown here so you can make adjustments accordingly to your plan or your limits.

    If you want to edit this, you can close it out or click on edit again to go back and edit.

    If everything looks good, you can click on the export video button, and it will start the exporting process and is another good function as once you export and finish the project they give the option to edit it.

    So, in case if you want to make any changes for any updates to the video project. You can go back and edit it and generate another video.

    Okay, you can see on this page. It shows that video is processing and you can also see the actual processing amount based on the server load. They will take various kind of time to generate it, but you don’t need to be online to finish this rendering process so you can close it out and come back and downloaded here.

    Here, this is another video I just created to test it out, and you can see these of the completed project video will look like.

    You can see the completed and if you click on this download button. It will start the download process for the video, and you can edit this project by clicking on this.

    Okay, that is the quick video, let’s go and see the longer version of the video.

    For me, I actually use this type much more since I’m a blogger.

    Let’s see some sample videos for this, and hopefully, you can hear the sound too.

    Let’s click on start.

    Similarly, you can select the video format. For example, I’ll select 16×9 which is best for YouTube videos and let me select a theme; I like this one since it looks cool.

    Once I selected it and you will able to see the preview just like the other video section.

    The click start button. This is where it gets different. I like these options they give us three options.

    One, you can directly at the content you want, and it will automatically generate scenes for you.

    One line equals to one scene, and this is the headline to the first section.

    Another option if you don’t have a text with you, but you like to make a video out of your blog post or a tips kind of article, then you can use it with this option where you can just paste it your blog post and will extract those lines from your article.

    You will be able to remove the lines you don’t want and everything it’s possible.

    The third option, you can start without the content but with the images and video based on how many media and we use it to create the scene, for this example, I already have some text with me.

    So let me copy and paste it, first, we’ll put the title of the video, and I have four different lines so that we can create four different scenes.

    Then, once you’re done, just click on next. In next section, you will be able to see this automatically makes each line in my text which I pasted into different scenes so you be able to add a scene and also you will be able to delete a scene if you don’t want it or if you want to change the order of the screen. You can change it by these arrows.

    It will also have a counter on which show number this scene is in out of total scenes and everything.

    Okay, and total duration also is shown here, this is the title, and you can see a quick little AI kind of feature where they try to scrape an image and already place it into a scene by words.

    So whenever they find the word similar to an image they already have then they try to place it to make it easier to the users.

    Okay for the first example this my title and you can preview the scene from here itself to see out it actually looks.

    And if you wanted to have a different image, for example, let meselect something like this, and you drag it out and place it over this image and it will automatically change it, and you can preview it.

    Let’s say for example you want to edit the elements in this scene then click on edit scene then it will open up a pop-up with all sort of options.

    You will be able to edit the text and you will able to change more options here, and there are more advanced options available too.

    Here they already have premade different styles for text elements, so you don’t need to build everything from scratch since they already have nice little different designs.

    And you will be able to add social post too. For example, this is a quick little feature. I just discovered in the last project where if you give the social post URL here, it will automatically grab that post and embedded it nicely in the image as a kind of like a social proof or something like that.

    And we have another option like stickers, various stickers, for example, on, let’s go for emoji.

    You can select on the sticker you want. For example, let me pick and it will automatically get it added here you can change the animation on how it should appear and here also the previews will show for each one when you hover over that it will show the preview click on it you can reduce the opacity and everything.

    Next layout is there, various way to play the images and everything multiple images and everything.

    These options are there for you and overlay also there with different overlay images on various effects and everything you can try it out and see which one you like for the best.

    Here you can add more text for this scene, you will be able to add it here, and also you’ll be able to add a voice-over for this scene, and everything just click on add, you’ll be able to add voice-over, for example, you can record it or uploaded from the computer. If you have an MP3 file or something and import it from the workspace, If you already have uploaded, you will be able to use it again and again.

    Once you are finalized all the scenes before just exiting out if you want to see how this looks like then just click on this preview and it will generate the preview based on all the elements & additions we just made now.

    Then you will able to see the preview, once everything is up to your satisfaction just click on save and that will get adjusted, and if you, for example, you don’t want this scene. Just click on the trash can and will remove it and it will get removed. The idea and drop it, and it will get automatically add stock videos and everything in your project, all you need is to search and drag it here.

    Similar concept for the sake this video let me delete a few others and let say this is the final video I want currently it’s 22 seconds and you can add music for you this video.

    They are of different sections on which you can pick it up, and you’ll be able to play it also, and these are royalty-free which means they have permitted to use it on your video.

    If you have on your own personal track, then you have to contact the support, and they will look into it.

    Select and play if you want to see how it looks like and sounds like, Once you’re happy just click on selected and the audio will get added to the video once everything is done.

    Just click on preview and export, and it will now generate a preview for the whole video, not just the scene based on your edits and you will be able to see the video here.

    Looks kind of cool for the input. I just made it, so there are so many options just try different ways, and everything still I am figuring out too, that’s why this a quick review and probably later I will do a detailed review on this.

    Okay, once everything is done. Just click on the export video and same like for the smaller promotional video, it will get start the rendering process for the video.

    You can see here, that it’s started and here you can see the previous video, which we did. It has been already rendered and just click on download, and you will be able to get your video file to your computer.

    Ok, I think that’s enough of this video. The video has been gone too long enough.

    So if you do like this tool and you think it will be worth to you, then I suggest you pick it up because I think there won’t be another deal like this for the video editing.

    It’s really simple and contains so many features too.

    The main a plus point for me is that developers are actually listening to what users are requesting and everything.

    For example, they asked for stock video, and they provided it and another one they initially wanted to give it at 720p video quality for the video but now they are giving 1080p since most of us requested it, so the actual listening and they also have a public road map and everything.

    So if this video useful then I’ll request you guys to purchase this from my affiliate link you will be able to see below, so it will help for me to create more videos like this and help more people.

    Okay, thank you and see you in another video.


    Alston Antony

    Hi, I am Alston, a digital entrepreneur from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I enjoy the digital business model and the freedom it offers me. So join me on conquering the digital space.