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What you will learn in this review?

This is my review of the Google maps & places scrapper with outreach, Sendvilla.

In this review I’ll cover:

  • What is Sendvilla?
  • Sendvilla use cases
  • How can you use it, and what is it?
  • Full walkthrough and tutorial
  • The important facts about lifetime deal

So if you want an in-depth Sendvilla review, this post is for you. Let’s dive right in.

This review is based on:

I like honesty when it comes to any review, and even I'm not too fond of promotional or inaccurate reviews.

So I am basing my review of Imghaste based on:

  • I have got the lifetime deal of Sendvilla (Proof in the video review)
  • I have shown all tests which I do in Sendvilla (Proof in the video review)
  • At our digital agency, we use leads from Google for backlink outreach, B2B outreach & sales outreach

Quick, Video & Article Review

What's this?
Sendvilla is a Google Maps & Places scrapper that extracts business details including phone numbers and emails. It also has an outreach component where you can use SMTP to send bulk emails to your scrapped or imported leads.
User Friendly
Value For Money
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Lead details are accurate
You can scrape up to 20K leads for Free
Scrapes names, address, website, mobile no & email
Ability to out reach leads scrapped or imported
Currently only dependent on Google for leads data
You need an active google developers account to use it
Currently only returns 15-30 leads per query even if results have more data
Leads outreach function is very basic
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Alston Antony
Alston Antony
Alston Antony is the elder brother and the crazy one 🤪, co-founder for ClickTug to Maxinium (our digital agency company). Started digital journey in 2010 since then created, managed, and ranked over 100 websites for us and to our clients.

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User Friendly
Value For Money
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