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What you will learn in this review?

  • What is Brand OverFlow SEO Tool?
  • Brand OverFlow SEO Tool & ranker functions?
  • Brand OverFlow SEO Tool & ranker roadmap
  • Brand OverFlow pros and cons
  • My opinion and conclusion about it

What is Brand Overflow SEO & Ranker?

Brand Overflow SEO Rank and Keyword Tool is the new search engine optimization tool on the market that allows you to do keyword research and rank tracking.

It’s still not an all-in-one SEO suite tool because most of the other functions are still under development.

Brand Overflow functions

Rank Tracker

  • 1 million+ Supported Locations
  • Daily Update
  • Agency Ready

Keyword Tool

  • 8 data points keywords tool
  • Similar keywords tool
  • Keyword questions tool
  • Related keywords tool
  • Similar keywords tool
  • Keyword terms tool
  • Keyword relations tool
  • Auto suggestions tool

Domain tools

  • Domain insights


  • SERP Viewer

What Brand Overflow SEO & Rank Tool Features

  • Daily Ranking Updates
  • 1 Million+ Trackable Locations
  • Immediate Rank Crawling
  • Unlimited Tracked Domains
  • Unlimited Tool Usage
  • Unlimited Additional Users
  • Search Volumes, CPC, and Difficulty
  • Easy Ranking Snapshots
  • Powerful Ranking Data Filters
  • Dynamic Shareable Reports
  • Bulk Add Keywords
  • Daily Email Updates
  • PDF Reports
  • Detailed SERP Features
  • Real-Time Data
  • On-Demand Updates
  • integration
  • 24/7 Email & Live Chat Support
  • Access to New Features for PRO Tier

Brand Overflow SEO & Rank Tool roadmap

  • Backlink Tracking
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Chrome Extension
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • Serps – Export as CSV
  • White-labeled PDF Reports
  • Shows keyword trend change
  • Canada English/French support for
  • keyword tool and rank tracker

To see full updated roadmap at

Brand Overflow pros

  • A fast, sleek and responsive user dashboard app
  • Keyword rank tracking is very accurate and offers location-based tracker too
  • Keyword rank tracker offers Dynamic link to view the report without logging in & have email notifications
  • Contain around 9 keywords tools such as keyword tool, similar keywords, related keywords, keyword terms, keyword relations, keyword questions & autosuggestions
  • Data from Google Search (Auto Suggest, People also search, Related Keywords & Questions), Keyword Planner, MOZ, Majestic
  • Helpful message boxes, documentation links, and help section (

Brand Overflow cons

  • Export to CSV does not give all the data on the table on the screen
  • Only shows the backlink count and not the actual backlinks
  • No export to PDF or CSV in the Rank Tracker (Although Offers Dynamic link and email alert options)
  • Keyword questions module is very basic with couple of bugs to make it very useful
  • Not an established brand instead it’s a new company to the industry (Here are business registration details

(Note: these cons are shown in the review video)


This SEO suite tool is on its early stage, where currently it can only do rank tracking and keyword research, so we can’t compare it with other SEO tools in the market such as SemRUSH, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.

In my opinion, that is why they are offering a lifetime deal to use the money as an investment to build a more comprehensive tool.

The company is new, so if they keep all the promises on the roadmap and implement the features, then it will be a fantastic SEO software.

So the decision needs to made based on what you feel about the software, your gut feeling, and whether you are a betting man.

SERPSTAT and SERanking are couple software that offered lifetime when they launched and now grown into fully-fledged SEO suite software where the LTD buyers got a fantastic deal.

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