Resolve Common WordPress Error & Warning Messages

WordPress is generally an error-free CMS solution.

However, sometimes it might throw you warning messages related to PHP, Google blacklisting, etc.

Generally, WordPress doesn’t obstruct your content creation and management process.

But, in case it does, you can fix these warning messages to restore your WordPress site by following the instructions in this blog.

We have also touched upon the issue of Google blacklisting of your site in this blog.

So, if you are also worried about the danger screen & warning on Google/other search engines.

Let us first see what will happen if we ignore these warnings, how it can lead to Google blacklisting your site.

If you are not sure about the blacklist, you can always confirm with an online blacklist scanner.

Why WordPress Throws Errors For Your Site?

We usually don’t except a well-oiled machine like Word Press, to throw errors and warning messages.

But since it works on PHP, we often find warning messages.

Don’t worry, these messages don’t necessarily mean that you have a bug in your site.

Sometimes these warning messages could just be general security update or incorrect settings.

How to Turn Off Warning Messages in WordPress?

Not wasting much time, let’s start with resolving techniques.

Many times we find useless warnings on our PHP site, most of these are false errors.

For a smooth experience, follow these simple steps:

Change the settings

  1. Go to the “public_html” folder.
  2. Simply select the wp-config.php file and click on edit.
  3. Find the code line that says, “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true).
  4. Change the True to false. And you will be good to go.


Before going to the editing section and changing your settings, we suggest you create a backup for your site.

Since not getting warnings will lead to some serious problems and might give a chance to hackers to hack your site.

What are PHP errors?

Other errors that you might see on WordPress are PHP errors.

List of the errors and warnings found in PHP with its solutions.

Syntax Error

A warning message pops up when there is an error found in the syntax of the code you have written on your WordPress site.

Now it can be frustrating to locate and then resolve the issue.

But, for your help, we are providing you with three simple steps to address this bug.

WordPress debugs automatically:

Normally you don’t need to debug your site, it automatically removes all the errors but, when the error is in php.file, you need to fix it manually, which is easy, you first need to use FileZilla, which is an open-source to fix your PHP syntax issue.

Select the Warning File:

You need to select the warning file and then scan it using FileZilla, which will highlight the incorrect code.


Fix the code and then click Yes, to replace the existing file with the new one.

Blank Screen of Death

This cryptic error is dangerous as it replaces your site with a blank white page.

This not only removes your content from the site but also forces you to create your website again.

Below are some easy steps to resolve this issue.

Disable plugin:

The major reason for White SoD is the faulty plugin, so try restarting it.

Change Theme:

Some default themes can also cause this problem so, to avoid that, try changing your theme.

Clear your cache:

Purge your cache in order to have a fresh start.

Can’t Access Admin Panel

Earlier all the error were technical, but this one happens when you forget your password, but don’t worry; you can click on to recover your password, but sometimes this doesn’t do the trick, in that case, you can take help from use PHPMyAdmin which will help you restore your password.

Auto Debug is off

A warning sign occurs that Wp_Debug is off and you will usually ignore it, but since we need to debug all the malware from the site we will require to turn it on, you can go to the error_reproting setting, select display error=0 and you are ready to go.

What is Website Blacklist?

This is not really a WordPress error. Rather, it is more of a warning message meant to protect visitors from entering a malicious website, more commonly a hacked or phishing website.

It goes without saying that Google is the most trusted search engine. And an obvious choice for searchers worldwide.

Since Google deals with a humongous amount of data and personal information it becomes only inevitable to have strict security rules in place.

Google understands this better than others. In fact, over the years Google has made sure that it provides the best security.

Blacklisting is what it came with to continue giving the best searching experience without getting compromised.

So, if Google finds some shady content on your site, which it perceives as unsafe or malicious, it blacklists the domain hosting it.

You can follow a comprehensive WordPress hack removal guide to remove malware & backdoors from your website.

Why Did Google Blacklist Your Website?

WordPress site blacklist

There are around 70% of WordPress sites or accounts that can be easily hacked by hackers, which will lead to unavoidable damage to the content written by the author.

Now, to protect your websites, Google and WordPress send you warnings.

Below are some reasons for warning messages by Chrome.


Now, since everything is saved online and linked to your Google account, some bugs try to hack into your email IDs and bank accounts.

Hence, to protect that, Google sends you “this site may harm your computer” warning.


Many hackers use social engineering attacks to extract all the information out of your computer.

Now, Google is equipped enough to identify this threat and hence send you a “Deceptive site ahead message.”

Besides the two warning types mentioned above, there are several other Google warning messages that might result from various other reasons.


We hope, by now, you were able to resolve the annoying WordPress errors.

As discussed some are general errors and don’t have that big impact on your website.

But, in the case of Google blacklisting, there is a much greater risk to your website.

Also, since google/search engine blacklisting has a lot to do with vulnerable websites, it is always recommended securing your site with a tested security solution.

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