Brand Overflow Review – SEO Rank & Keyword Tool Lifetime Deal

What you will learn in this review?

This is my review of the SEO data marketing software, Brand Overflow.

In this review I’ll cover:

So if you want an in-depth BrandOverflow lifetime review, this post is for you. Let’s dive right in.

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I like honesty when it comes to any review, and even I'm not too fond of promotional or inaccurate reviews.

So I am basing my review of Brandoverflow SEO & marketing tool based on my account.

Brand Overflow
Quick, Video & Article Review

What's this?
Brand Overflow offers various marketing tools to optimize and enhance every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.
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Rank tracker for Google with city level SERP checking
Export data to PDF and dynamic URL
Backlink tracking to monitor your website links
Keyword tool to quickly do keyword research
Keyword generator tool to do in-depth keyword research
Ad explorer to do PPC SEO analysis
Domain insights to check SEO, social and market insights
SERP Lookup to show top 10 results
Not unlimited but limited according to the plan
Domain insights will provide limited data for low authority websites
Currently shows keyword and rank data only for Google and it does not include other Search Engines such as Bing or Yahoo.
The product is still in early stage development not fully matured.

Brandoverflow video review

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Table of Contents

What is Brand Overflow?

Brand Overflow used to be an SEO rank & keyword tool.

Now it’s a marketing data platform focused on making products that will help you succeed at digital marketing; the very core of their platform is being built around SEO.

Users primarily suggest Their features, they listen to the problems and issues that users face in their digital marketing, and they create tools to make their life easier.

They aim to be the ultimate marketing data platform; this includes every part of the digital marketing life cycle, such as SEO, Social Media, Content, Distribution &, etc.

They focus on integrating all the tools you’d need into one platform so that you can focus more on your business rather than chasing data from several tools. 100% of the features they are integrating right now are user suggested – that’s why their feature set will not be “finalized” and keep growing until they’ve covered enough ground.

Brand Overflow Use Cases

For Professionals/Freelancers/Companies/Website Owners

With the rank tracker and link tracker combined, you can monitor your SEO strategies’ core metrics and use the rank tracker to monitor keyword rankings and the link tracker for all the links you build.

Anytime your rank gets affected, you could check the link tracker to see if any of the links you’ve built are down or not – this is usually when someone loses their ranking.

The importance of using both is that you keep your eye on the investment of time/money into links to earn the best rank possible.

For Agencies

You can impress your clients offers PDF reports, they wanted to do the hard thing first, give your clients a dynamic dashboard – similar to the one you will get to always get fresh data from our servers.

Whether it’s rank tracking or link tracking, your clients are bound to be impressed by their dynamic reports.

More in-depth and more complex research offers research tools that no other platform has, such as Ad Explorer, Question Explorer & Keyword Generator.

Using these, you can conduct a unique type of research for your clients to make a 360-degree marketing campaign.

Within 15-20 mins of using our tools, you can create a very in-depth research report for your clients.

All of the keyword data can be exported too.

Brand Overflow Company Data

The founder’s name is Ahmed Qureshi, and this is his first startup. You can read his interview at:

Brandoverflow Lifetime Deal Sustainability

The founder always wanted to do 2 LTDs, the 2nd and final LTD offer are here, and there will never be such an offer again.

The founder has promised every cent they get from this LTD goes into MRR and sustainability strategies because they have a ton of tools to build and integrate.

Brand Overflow Features

Rank Tracker

It is the SEO rank tracker to monitor SERP for your website on Google. Brandoverflow’s rank tracker does not use API and the scrape SERPs directly, analyze, save HTML for verification purposes and extract data.

Their rank tracking supports all languages and locations (country, state, and city-level) to track SERP ranking even in your city.

I have also used rank tracker for months, and I can confirm the results’ positions are very accurate.

The SERP position data also updated every day.

You can also export the ranking data to CSV or dynamic reports that show live data on every load, no more static reports, or old data; this one link will always bring in the freshest data from our servers and show it to your clients or colleagues.

You can enable or disable this feature from the dashboard; it’s disabled by default.

SERP keyword rank tracking in BrandOverflow
SERP keyword rank tracking in BrandOverflow

Link Tracker

Lost backlinks are one of the most significant problems for any SEO campaigns, and this backlink tracking software will help you with that.

You can add your domain and all the backlink you have created to monitor daily, and it will keep on check it’s alive status and metrics.

The data link tracker module includes:

  • Is the page still alive?
  • Number backlinks found in the webpage
  • Number of domain mentions found (if your domain name is, then it will try to look for mentions of your brand name “saaspirate” as well)
  • Number of image mentions found (If any image contains your domain name or brand name, we will record that info too)
  • REL tags along with nofollow or dofollow status
  • Anchor texts for backlinks
  • The webpage link which backlinks points
  • Domain enrichment for each backlinks such as
  • Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, and Majestic backlinks.
Track and monitor your website backlinks

Keyword Tool

This keyword research software for quick and straightforward keyword and competitor analysis.

These are the keyword data that comes directly from Google Ad Planner.

It will also metrics such as Cost Per Click, Search Volume & Search Volume Trend History.

It will list all the similar and related keywords from Google Adword Keyword Planner.

This tool will also show the top website ranking on Google with their SERP data such as Page Title, Meta Description, URL, DA, PA, TF, etc.

Quick keyword research analysis in BrandOverflow

Keyword Generator

This is the advanced market keyword research analysis with topical segmentation research.

When you look for keyword ideas for your website, then this software will be most suitable.

You usually have to conduct several types of searches on google to see what kind of keywords you should be focusing on.

It takes several hours to conduct keyword research when you don’t know much about the niche industry.

This tool is primarily targeted to help you in these situations.

Enter your primary keyword, and the keyword research app will generate all the intents around those keywords and then get related keywords via GOOGLE search.

These data will directly from Google search.

You can find various keyword intent types, such as:

  • Keyword phrases
  • Keyword questions
  • Keyword comparisons
  • Shopping keywords
  • Education keywords
  • Local keywords
  • Keywords suggestions with alphabets
  • Keyword suggestions with numbers
Advanced keyword analysis and generator with topical segmentation
Advanced keyword analysis and generator with topical segmentation

Ad Explorer

It’s a PPC ad analysis software that helps you research SERP competitor ads in Google.

This software will show ADs title, description, URL, rank, CPC, and more.

This is a great feature to optimize your PPC ads or perform market research for SEM optimization.

PPC analysis of Google Adword ADS using Brand Overflow
PPC analysis of Google Adword ADS using Brand Overflow

Question Explorer

This is a perfect research tool for content creators and those who want to rank for more question keywords.

They record and save all the questions showing up on all SERPs they process in the “People Also Ask For” section.

Then they make a database of how many times the same question has appeared on other keywords.

This shows the questions that have been ranked on alot of keywords; it means that google values any content where that question is answered, and this content is related to several other keywords that it can target.

It also shows how many URLs Google has considered to be the perfect answer to this question over time so that you know exactly what kind of content structure to make.

This is an exclusive feature that is only available on the Brand Overflow SEO tool.

Find best SEO questions key phrases with target keywords list

Domain Insights

This provides more data on off-page SEO, market traffic analysis, SEO analysis, and alot more for the entered website.

This section will show different metrics, such as:

SEO metrics:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow
  • Moz Rank
  • Moz Backlinks
  • Majestic Backlinks
  • Referring Domains
  • Edu Reffering Domains
  • Gov Referring Domains
  • Unique Referring Subnets
  • Unique Referring IPs

Social metrics:

  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Shares
  • Stumbleupon Stumbles
  • Pinterest Pins

Ranking metrics:

  • Global rank
  • Country rank
  • Niche industry rank

Audience insights:

  • Average monthly visits
  • Average time on site
  • Average page views
  • Bounce rate

Traffic trend:

  • This shows the monthly traffic volume.

Geographic coverage:

  • It will show the top countries the website is receiving traffic.

Traffic channels:

  • It will show your website’s traffic channels, such as direct, search organic, referral, social, mail, search ad, and referral ad.

Channel insights Search, PPC, Referral & Social:

  • This will show top organic keywords that bring in traffic, top PPC keywords, top website, referral traffic, and top social media platforms.

Similar sites:

  • It will show similar websites for the entered website.
Domaing insights, backlinks, social stats & rankings
Domaing insights, backlinks, social stats & rankings
Domain insights shows traffic trend, geographic coverage, traffic channels, channel insights, PPC search, referral, social insights & similar sites.
Domain insights shows traffic trend, geographic coverage, traffic channels, channel insights, PPC search, referral, social insights & similar sites.

SERP Lookup

It’s a quick feature that enables you to lookup SEO SERP results in Google.

You enter a keyword and select location to get the top 10 results data.

It will show data such as rank position, webpage URL, Trust flow, Page authority, Domain authority, Facebook shares, Referring domains, and Backlinks.

SERP Lookup and top 10 ranking URLS
SERP Lookup and top 10 ranking URLS

Brand Overflow Roadmap

This is the current roadmap of BrandOverFlow.

SERP Snackpack (Local example)

To get map snap pack and local listings as well for rankings.

Multiple Location Support – Single Project

Multiple devices support for Rank Tracker.

Device Support

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile for Rank Tracker.

Featured Snippet in SERPs

Featured snippets extract in SERP viewer & rank tracker.

Monthly/Weekly/Daily Emails Option

Instead of just a forced daily email option – ability to choose daily/weekly/monthly email templates for rank tracker.

Shareable Link Tracker Report

You can share a link which does not need you to login in and view ranking data.

Uptime Monitor

Downtime affects website ranking and this is needed to send out alerts as soon as its down. Will be available on all packages.

Keyword Miner

Mindmap of keywords that dives deeper into the main keyword.

Sub Accounts

Sub account feature for keyword packages 1000 and up.

CNAME for dynmaic reports

Custom domains for dynamic shared reports for 1000 keyword packages and up.

Custom Branding for dynamic reports

Custom logo and agency branding for reports for 1000 keyword packages and up.

Client Emails + Custom Branded Emails

Client email feature with custom branding options for 1000 keyword packages and up.


This SEO suite tool is on its early stage, where currently it can only do rank tracking and keyword research, so we can’t compare it with other SEO tools in the market such as SemRUSH, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.

In my opinion, that is why they are offering a lifetime deal to use the money as an investment to build a more comprehensive tool.

The company is new, so if they keep all the promises on the roadmap and implement the features, then it will be a fantastic SEO software.

So the decision needs to made based on what you feel about the software, your gut feeling, and whether you are a betting man.

SERPSTAT and SERanking are couple software that offered lifetime when they launched and now grown into fully-fledged SEO suite software where the LTD buyers got a fantastic deal.

I will get a small commission if you decide to buy it through my affiliate link, but it does not affect your purchase price, and it supports me to create more content like this.

You can use this link if you don't want to support me and it's a regular direct link. No worries, I will still guide and help no matter whether you support me or not.

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