Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) - Audit & Improve Your Website(s)

Ahrefs webmaster tools give you free access to Ahrefs SEO audit & site explorer for free for your website.

The main points to consider is: You are getting free access if you verify your website using Google Webmaster Console, then Ahrefs will have access to your website Google Search Console Data to optimize their data source.

They have tried to create a win-win situation.

Another limitation is that you can only view the website you have access to and can verify.

I just wanted to introduce the tool now and will create a more in-depth video soon.

Links mentioned in the video:

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Alston Antony
Alston Antony
Alston Antony is the elder brother and the crazy one ðŸĪŠ, co-founder for ClickTug to Maxinium (our digital agency company). Started digital journey in 2010 since then created, managed, and ranked over 100 websites for us and to our clients.

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  1. I really love this new tools from Ahrefs. And its free!

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