Online Career Guide – Honest Advice & Quiz on How to Choose

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What you will learn on this lesson?

In this lesson, I will help you with choosing the right online career path.

Let’s get started with your online career guidance now.

Why it's important to choose the right career path from the beginning?

Factors which decide your online career path

1. Never choose based on what works for someone else

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This happens a lot for beginners.

When you are making a crucial decision on your career path or in your life, always choose based on what’s best for you.

Never choose something blindly based on what works for someone else without in-depth research to know whether it is the right career path for you or not.

Because it might work for him or her, but you would not know what is going behind the scenes, the level of commitment and investment from them, the difficulties they overcame, etc.

So don’t choose blindly or go after the shiny object.

If you are already chosen a money-making method, make sure to stay focused on that.

Don’t get distracted by a new shiny money-making method, which promises results faster.

Please don’t fall for this because I did and lost a lot of time.

If you have chosen the right path after careful consideration by the factors I will mention in this article, then stick to it, and success will follow you.

2. Your Passion, Hobbies, Love, and Interest

A cartoon charterer tells to do what you love
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This what I tell all my new students.

In your life, go after your passion, hobbies, interests, or what you love to do.

Don’t keep the main focus as money.

I know that money is important, but choosing something you don’t like to do based on money can be a big mistake.

The main reason: If you encounter a roadblock or some problem, then you will not be motivated as much as if you worked on something you love.

One of our FB group members, Reginald Chan, explained this in just one sentence, “Ask yourself. What is the one thing you willing to lose your sleepover.”

When you work on something you love, any failures or roadblocks you encounter will be just another challenge on your road to success, and you will be ready to face it head-on.

3. Always do Research before Choosing

A women research on laptop about her career
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If you are looking for an online career coach, then look no further.

Because you are the best coach for yourself.

Never fully trusts someone else’s opinion.

Don’t even trust me because we all are third-party.

You have to decide what’s best for you and you are your best friend.

So make sure to do in-depth research on your choice.

Always second guess all the third party opinions.

Don’t fall for HYPE; instead, keep a calm head and do research.

4. Your Experience, Education & Knowledge so far

An actor is saying "knowledge is power" as career path advice
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Education, experience, skills, what makes you unique, and more.

All that you have gained up to this point in your life.

When choosing your online career path, you can apply these to the money-making methods.

When you do that, you are not going to follow that money-making strategy as a complete beginner.

Instead, you already have the background knowledge, and you are just looking for the right digital solutions to convert that into a money-making idea online.

It will be a big online career help since it will help you to work on something which you are already comfortable with.

5. How many hours you can put into this

a person is checking time on his wrist watch while working online
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It is an important factor to be aware of while selecting.

Each money-making methods require a different amount of time to invested in getting started.

For example:
Blogging will take a considerable time to create, market & rank, and then only you will start to make money.


Fiverr freelancer will take less time since all you need to do is set up profile attractively & optimize, and then you can start making money.

So always choose based on the time you can allocate for it.

6. Investment

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Investment is not necessary to get started to make money online.

But having different levels of investment will suit different money-making online strategies.

For example

In blogging

After buying domain and Webhosting, you can create a blog and rank for your target keywords without any extra purchases.

You can invest in good themes and plugins for higher CTA, SEO tools to find low competition keywords easier, and create backlinks effectively.

So if you can make the right necessary investment, then it can speed up your success.

In my ultimate money-making list, I have tagged all the money making methods with tags such as need investment, low investment, and no investments to help choose the right one for you.

We all like to make money online without any investments at all, but remember making the right investment will save time and lead to success much quicker.

8. Short Term Goals

A chart showing the importance of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely goals
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Never think of long term goals during your initial research to find an online career path.

We all will have ultimate goals like money, reputation, etc.

However, to reach that, you need to have SMART goals.

Smart goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely.

Smart goals will keep you motivated.

Also, you can increase the goal difficulty as you become experienced.

9. Visualize Where You Want to be in 10 years

A person is doing same work for everyday
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This gets ignored a lot.

That is the reason so many people lose a good portion of their life doing the same thing again and again.

It would be best if you always thought about whether you are replaceable in 10 years.

Or will your knowledge get outdated?

Or is your industry you are working on is declining, or future is doubtful.

So always make sure to think whether your career path is sustainable in the long run.

Online career quiz

Please download the below quiz and fill out the answers to the questions.

Keep that with you when you select the money-making method you want to pursue.

That will be a great online career guidance resource for you.

What Should Do You Next?

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