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Find out all the ways you can follow clicktug and stay up to date with the content we create.

1. Join Our Facebook Group

We have 1300 plus members in our Facebook group from the digital industry.

Group consists of software founders, freelancers, SEO guys, digital marketing guys, small business owners, web designers, beginners and a lot more.

We help each other to succeed in our digital journey.

We share important updates, news, ClickTug’s new content, youtube videos we create, talk about deals, fun, and a lot more.

There is no bullying & abusive behavior within the group and well also doesn’t allow any spamming.

2. Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel

You can subscribe to our official YouTube channel to get notified on the videos we release.

No distractions only valuable content.

The videos we create include:

  • How to guides & step by step tutorials
  • Software, SaaS & services reviews
  • Comparing products & services
  • Interviews with experts
  • Important industry news updates
  • and more.

3. Join Our Email Newsletter

We can keep you updated through emails. We will send a weekly digest with that’s week’s top content. This easy if you are an email person because we will keep easily updated there without needing any other platforms. Our promise includes:
  • We only send one email every 7 to 10 days
  • We hate email spamming so we won’t do it for you
  • We won’t sell your email to third-party
  • You can unsubscribe anytime without even contacting us
  • No ad emails only informative emails
TIP: Sometimes the emails we send might end up in SPAM so whitelist or mark email “[email protected]” as trusted to make sure you don’t miss our emails.

4. Get Our RSS Feed

Are you a fan of RSS like me? Who likes to follow multiple blogs. Then you can add our RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader, so every time we publish a new post, you will be notified. If you new to RSS but like this method, then you can these free Softwares which are best for it. Examples include Feedbro, Feedreader & Feedly.

5. Follow our Smartlist

With the help of, we have created a smart list with new posts content alerts.

All you need to do is follow the list by clicking on the “three dots” on the header or bookmark the list in your favorite browser. is a great tool, and it’s free, so if you can use it too.

6. Follow on Our Social

If you want to follow us through our social media profiles, then you can do that too. Currently, we are active on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook.