Launch of ClickTug – First Step to Success

I have a master’s in programming, and at the university, we started everything with hello world so why not start my internet marketing blog also in the same way.

Hello, Tuggers (I have decided to give a nickname to the audience of Click Tug… seem cool to say it).

It’s Alston Antony from Sri Lanka and you can read more about me here.

I am so happy and thrilled to launch my internet marketing blog which will record my journey and at saw time help fellow entrepreneurs to succeed in their digital and local lives.

I have been in the digital business since 2010 and went through so many failures before earning my first pay of 22.35$ from the internet to my bank account in 2011 (Probably will write the full story on my about page soon).

So long story short now I am an internet entrepreneur with several major international and local digital projects, many niche affiliate websites also the founder of Maxinium, a Sri Lankan based digital marketing company that offers result-oriented services for both domestic and international clients.

I wanted to be honest in my blog; my internet marketing life and earning is not perfect, and I am always looking to achieve even greater success.

However, I am happy to say that I don’t work a traditional job like 9-5. Instead:

  • I work when I want
  • I am my own boss
  • Getting a stable income through multiple channels
  • I take on clients and projects only if I like it
  • I get to spend time with my family
  • I have time to follow my hobbies
  • And mainly I work to achieve my dream, not someone else.

OK, I think that will be enough about me for this first post on the blog.

This blog just out of the oven now. So I don’t have any big crazy ideas or plans for it, but I hope soon I will able to decide what path should I take with it.

So far here some ideas of content (Came upon the brainstorm session):

  • Tutorials and how-to on some on common digital problems.
  • Articles and guides for earning money on the internet.
  • Video content if you like to watch instead of reading (like me).
  • Digital marketing & SEO tools & service reviews (from personal experience).
  • Helping you to become a successful internet entrepreneur.
  • And a Super Secret Technique to Gain Thousands of Dollars with 1 Click (Not Really ?).

Wow, I think now this post is getting long so let me stop here. At this moment this how the blog looks like to me (see below) and hopefully I can transform it something amazing with my ninja web design skills.

first screen clicktug

One last note, I have started the work on this blog on 11th April 2019, and hopefully, someday I can look back and see the impact it had.

So let’s get started tuggers, Let’s succeed together.

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