Compare Top 5 Online Background Removal Tools

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What you will learn in this video?

PositionBrandMore Info
Winner 🏆CanvaCheck it out
Second Place ðŸĨˆRemove.bgCheck it out
Third Place ðŸĨ‰GlorifyappCheck it out
Fourth Place 👏Clipping MagicCheck it out
Last Place 😐SlazzerCheck it out

What is 1 click background removal tool?

One-click background removal is an online solution or part of online graphic design software where all you need to upload a picture with background and perform “1 mouse click” to remove the background, and you get a transparent image without a background.

Why you might need it?

  • First, it’s easy and no technical or graphical efforts needed
  • It only takes a couple of seconds to remove the background
  • Excellent productivity hack
  • No need to hire a graphic designer to remove the background

What are the problems with it?

  • It is not always perfect and may require additional manual touch -up
  • Unable to perform a very difficult or highly complex removal job.

Final verdict

  • 1 Click background removal has improved drastically over the years
  • Saves a lot of money and time in a simple to medium background removal
  • There is a lot of competitor options in the market
  • Still unable to do a perfect job for every single image
  • AI removal algorithms grow with usage. (More you use more, it get better)

UPDATE: I will make another comparison in 3 months, where I will get all the tools again to respect developments and upgrades they have done since this comparison. During this time I will also try to include new solutions to the market too.

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