Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hosting Deals 2020

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What you will learn in this post?

PS: Stay Tuned for 2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals. ⌛

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will start during November first week of 2020. This post contains past deals and discounts which was offered during 2019.

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Did you know that Black Friday is the best time to buy hosting at the cheapest price?

Black Friday hosting deals can have up to 98% of their regular price.

On this page, I will add all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday web hosting promo codes and deals.

So make sure to bookmark the page since I’ll be adding deals as they go live each day from November 1st, 2020.

You will not miss a single web hosting deal! If you follow this page.

Let’s save you money by getting crazy web host deals in 2020.

Please note: Some of the links below are affiliate links at no additional cost to you. If you purchase using these links, I will receive a small commission, but it does not affect the deal or sale price. It will help to support and bring more awesome deals to you.🚨

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ToolOfferCouponDeal Link
HostingerChoose your web hosting solution and make the perfect website! from shared hosting and domains to VPS.Up to 90% OFFVISIT DEAL
FastcometAdvanced cloud hosting platform with 24/7 expert support & 11 datacenter locations.Up to 70% OFFVISIT DEAL
CloudwaysManaged WordPress cloud hosting platform.40% OFF for First 4 MonthsVISIT DEAL
BunnyshellCloud hosting server creation & management platform.$49VISIT DEAL
A2 HostingFastest and best shared hosting service.Up to 78% OFFVISIT DEAL
WPamiWordPress hosting powered by Vultr High Frequency infrastructure.Coming SoonVISIT DEAL
WPinfyManaged WordPress infrastructure to help you shift your business to cloud.Coming SoonVISIT DEAL
HostPapaOptimized WordPress hosting with enhanced speed, performance & built‑in WordPress security.Coming SoonVISIT DEAL
BluehostOne of the most popular web hosting solutionComing SoonVISIT DEAL
NestifyHigh performance managed WordPress hosting.Coming SoonVISIT DEAL

Black Friday Web-hosting Buyer Guide

What is Web Hosting and How to Choose?

I will try to avoid the technical explanation; instead, I’ll try to explain it to you in beginner terms.

Web hosting is a computer 💻 that is connected to the internet, which will keep all your website files and pages, and whenever some on types, your website address and press enter the internet will request the files from that computer and serve you.

The computer which I have mentioned in the above explanation is called “Web Server.”

There are different types of hosting service

Shared web hosting

Most basic and the cheapest web hosting service. Here your website will share the computer space with other websites in one physical server.

It’s most suited for small or new websites that don’t use too many resources or do not have a lot of visitors.

Reseller hosting

It is where you will able to buy a web web hosting space and then can resell it to the third party. The reseller will have total control on all the websites hosted in his/her space.

It’s suitable for anyone who is looking to resale the hosting space or wants full control over the storage and bandwidth of each website hosted in his account.

Cloud hosting

It is similar to shared web hosting, but instead of one physical server, it will use multiple servers and host your site cloud so your website can be served from one of the multiple servers based on the load.

It’s suitable for small to medium websites and generally based on load time & uptime; it’s more reliable than shared hosting.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting means that in the webserver, a part of its space will entirely be dedicated to your website. Other sites hosted on that server will not be able to use that space.

It’s suitable for medium to a big website where you don’t share your resources with other websites.

Dedicated server hosting

It is where an entire web server is dedicated to you, and no one else’s website will be on it. You are the only using the whole space.

It’s suitable for big and huge websites with total resources, and control will be given to you.

So according to your need, budget, and requirement, you need to select hosting you want. If you any doubts, ask me in the comments and I will help you.

What Happen if You Choose Bad Hosting?

Selecting the best web hosting is no easy task, and it will take a couple of tries to find the best hosting.

If you choose bad hosting, these are some of the common things which can happen:

  • Website is loading very slow
  • Websites are getting hacked easily
  • The web hosting company is overselling webspace
  • Website is getting down frequently
  • Poor SEO ranking

However, there are some reliable hosting that I have hosted my websites:

  • Affordable Hosting: If looking for the budget option, then you can check Siteground.
  • Semi Affordable & Excellent Quality: If you are looking for something bit better than the first one, then check Cloudways.
  • Expensive & Best Quality: Best service quality and best support hosting, then you can check out WPXhosting.

Hint: All of them will run Black Friday web hosting deals, so make sure to check this page to find their deals.

FAQ’s on Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

When is Black Friday This Year?

Black Friday is on November 29, 2019, but most of the web hosting deals will start from November 1st and continue until December 15th.

What is the cheapest Black Friday hosting deal?

Usually, discounted hosting offers will have more than a 25% discount.

However, since there so many web hosting companies, it’s good news for us customers because nowadays, there will hosting deals up to 99% during Black Friday.

Last year NameCheap Black Friday 98% hosting deal was the biggest, so keep track of this page to find who is going offer the most significant hosting discount this year.

Why should you buy web hosting during Black Friday?

Web hosting companies offer their cheapest deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you will never get this kind of deals any other time during the year using web host promo codes.

I can’t find my favorite hosting on the list?

There can be a couple of reasons:

  • They are not offering a black Friday deal
  • They still haven’t started their Black Friday deal

If you contact me or leave a comment and let me know the host you are looking then I will personally reach out to them to find about their black Friday deals, get it added here and I will also let you know.

Is there are a difference between the Black Friday hosting and the regular hosting?

No, there will be no difference in plans, functionality, or quality.

The only difference is that there will be a huge discount for the first time payment using a Black Friday coupon. 😍


I am looking forward to Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts and deals just as you are.

Please note these deals come only once a year, so make sure to make the decision based on the future.

Also, another factor which you need to keep in mind while shopping is that some deals may never come back next year.

So if it’s something you want, then make sure to grab the deal while you can.

Don’t forget to share these awesome deals with your friends who may need it. 🤎

It will help them to save a lot of money and make you a Santa who gives them gifts even before Christmas. 🎁

If you have any questions or require helping in selecting, then let me know in the comment below, and I will personally help you.

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